No Flash Notification For Hearing Impaired

I've got Acetel Onyx phone running Android 8.1. I've noticed not just my phone but other Cricket phones have the same features. One thing I'm missing is in Accessibility option... There's no option to use "Flash Notification" for the hearing impaired. I'm going nuts! Can anybody help or get this feature in the next update?

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Hello @CalvinL

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post! As you may know, Cricket does not manufacture any phones or manage most software components. We recommend reaching out directly to Alacatel to voice your concerns. You can check out Cricket's list of hearing aid compatible devices here:

Your reply: "Cricket's list of hearing aid compatible devices" also includes the Alcatel Onyx that I have purchased through Cricket!  I am not talking about hearing aid compatibility.  I am simply talking about the Android software that is installed on Cricket phones.  I also see this same software setup on Cricket's Motorola moto e5 SUPRA which also does NOT have the flash or vibrate notification set up.

Trust me when I say this... it's NOT the phones.  It's simply the developer who installs the Android software setup to function for Cricket services.  Perhaps maybe I do need to get in touch with Android but highly doubt that.

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@CalvinL Hi, I just found the link to the user manual of the ONYX on Crickets website. I see on page 72 they provide info on how to toggle on the option for the device to vibrate when calls come in. Hopefully this helps you.

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Just for clarification, the Android software, is placed on a Motorola phone (Alcatel in your case), which is then sold through Cricket. Cricket can help you trouble shoot but they dont control the software on the phone unless its an app placed on the phone by Cricket. 

The vibrate in this case only works for incoming calls and another option for dial touch.  No vibrate on apps such as incoming text messages and or email apps and such.

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@CalvinL in the link there should be options for emails and text to also vibrate. I would suggest scrolling through the manual to see if they have an option for these as well.

I have spent HOURS trying to find vibrate and flash options.  I had a Samsung J7 before getting this Cricket Alcatel Onyx.  I know the Android software well enough to notice a huge difference between the 2 phones.  I tried to return and get a refund but I waited too long (over 7 days) to try to test out the phone before returning it.  I really thought the sales person said I had 30 days to try it out and I went back after 14 days (2 weeks) but the manager didn't care.  Hence the reason I am looking at 3rd party apps to assist in the missing features on this phone.  Here is a screen shot of the ONLY item regarding vibration settings on this phone.

Accessibility doesn't even have flash and or vibrate notification which is where I would find under the Hearing Impaired section of Android setup.  I have went through several phones at Cricket to see that there are several that has one kind of Android setup and several others set up the same as I got now. I mentioned that in one of the replies... my Alcatel Onyx and Motorola moto e5 SUPRA has exactly same setup which is missing features than what other phones have.



If you do a search for "vibrate" on that manual, the results shows the word being used 4 times.


Vibrate for calls and touch only.  I know, it's sad.

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You will have to read pages 70-72 it tells you how to set up vibrate on third party apps, and notifications. It doesn't have anything regarding flashlight but at least having an option to vibrate may help. As for the pic you posted I see some extra settings. Have you clicked the option other sounds and vibrates?

See my previous reply:  I have read the manual several times over in the last 2 weeks.

If you do a search for "vibrate" on that manual, the results shows the word being used 4 times.

Vibrate for calls and touch only.


Other options pertains to sound only, not vibrate.

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After scrolling an Alcatel Onyx, I wasnt able to find or activate a flashing notification for apps. I dont think the phone has this capability. You may want to look into downloading a 3rd party application to have that feature on your phone. 

I was able to locate a vibrate function for applications within the phone but it is dependent upon the app. You can enable that setting two ways. If you go to the device settings, select "Applications",  and select an application, you may be able to select the vibrate function from the application menu. Alternatively, from the home screen, you can select an application and navigate to the settings. From inside of the application, you can toggle the vibrate function for notifications. 

I successfully navigated the vibrate settings within the calendar function on the Alcatel. 

I hope this helps you with your question.