Nokia 3.1 plus blacklisted

  • 16 March 2019
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the Nokia 3. 1 plus has been blacklisted by the software companies and they are stating but they will offer no support for Nokia at all due to a breach with the Android contract by enforcing phone encryption software Developers will make no new software or games for Nokia platforms because of the violation of the Android contract and Cricket Wireless is selling Nokia phones do not buy Nokia phones

3 replies

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Cricket Wireless should not be selling phones that people can't use it is not my job to monitor which phones can be used in which cannot in the US
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Hello @Inderstalvnv

Thank you for your post. We recommend directing your inquiry to the manufacturer as they would be best suited to address this issue. 


What's your source for this info? Give me links that will lead to some kind of reliable info, please.