phone call sound issues

  • 21 December 2022
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I have a moto g power (2021). Every time I make or receive a calls, the connection cuts in and out. It doesn't matter if I am inside or outside, connected to wifi or data, I can only hear parts of the conversation and the party on the other end keeps asking if I'm still there. I tried Cricket support, who helped me (I believe) reset the phone. Which obviously didn't work. I've tried turning my phone on and off. Google suggested taking the battery and sim card out, but a sticker on the back of my phone says that can't be done. It's frustrating having a phone that I can't use and is unreliable. Anyone else have this issue? Wondering if it could be the phone itself? Or is it an issue with Cricket? 


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Hey @kellnire, that sounds like a phone issue. If it’s less than a year old, it may still be covered under warranty. As long as there is no physical or liquid damage to it. But I would try a SIM swap first. It may be something as simple as that. Good luck! 🤗