Phone no longer working!

  • 3 September 2019
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I've had this phone for three years, longer than the warranty will cover I know, so I can't get it repaired, but my phone has been acting weird since I first bought it. At first, I wrote it off because I didn't exactly know what a phone did, or what it was, it was my first phone! Then it started to get periodic, when my phone would hit 20 or so percent, it will go down in a matter of seconds to 0 percent! Or when I was charging it for 24 hours, it wouldn't charge, with several different but the same manufactured charger provided with the product! I had to do a factory reset on my own phone because they wouldn't cover the repair cost! I had to manually fix my SIM card because they said I would have to pay money to repair it! I have to fix my own phone in order to use it! Never buying an LG phone again and certainly won't be buying it from cricket, the service is horrible!


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@ItsBriBri87  Thank you for posting on our community forum! When it comes to devices and warranty you are only covered for a full year. If you have insurance you can file an insurance claim with Asurion to  replace the device. They do charge a deductible when placing the claim. Since you have not changed your device in the past three years that means you are eligible for an upgrade discount depends on the device that has a promotion. Please see link below for device upgrade options and pricing: