Phone Reception Cricket Phone vs. Non-Cricket Phone

  • 11 September 2018
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Whenever we are on the edges of a Cricket reception area, of our three phones our Cricket phone a Cricket ZTE Prelude + gets the best reception compared to our unlocked Nexus 6p or Moto G5 plus. They are all on Band 5, if that is any help.

  • Are the Cricket phones made to work better on the Cricket/AT&T network?
  • Is there some way to improve the reception of non-Cricket unlocked phones? (I find taking them out of their case helps)

Thanks so much for any assistance!

1 reply

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Hey there! Welcome to the Cricket community forum and thank you for your post. Our Cricket devices are better equipped to handle the service we provide than an unlocked device that comes from another carrier. For your best service experience, we recommend using a Cricket device. Please see the link below to make sure the APN settings on the unlocked devices are up to date: