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  • 17 March 2019
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Since March 11th Cricket/AT&T have had a tower or multiple tower damages of some sort. But only today did I find out that much. Phone calls in or out were not possible. WiFi and texting were and are fine. Ping is fine. Unable to talk to anyone online. The local Cricket store I visited tried to convince me my phone was to blame. I bought an unlocked brand new phone on Amazon after being told the Windows phone I had been using for years had no trade in value even though the rep on the phone line said it would if I upgraded to a Motorola. Anyway after a while the clerk in the store sold me a sim card for $10.81. it worked for an hour. I discovered after coming here that Crickes Facebook page could help. It worked. Sort of. At least I found out it was a company technical issue with a tower or many that was at play. Now why for freaking out load could Crickets minion clerk not reveal that? I was after all the only other person in the store. As you can see, there are multiple service opportunities or lack of that could have been put to good use. Food for thought ya'll. Still not fixed, my phone that is. Still waiting, still hemoraging money. Lost revenue, lost chance to get over $300 in reembursements from my health insurance and of course the $10.81 for a new sim card I didn't need. They didn't sell me that $149 Motorola. But they did get me for $10.81. That's tenacity ain't it?


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Hello @Spiderwilliams

We apologize for your experience and appreciate you providing your feedback. If you are still needing assistance please reach out to our support team on Facebook. 


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Yeah I only got partial credit as service was out longer than I was told. Now it's doing it again. 3rd time
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Never fully resolved.
My problems are almost identical to yours. I have never had so much regret changing providers! Bought a new unlocked phone from Best Buy which I was told works great with Cricket. I'm lucky if I get a phone call. Voicemail is always full and I have lost several job opportunities and missed my son's first meeting at Boystown. Cricket was better when they stood alone. I have not received any credits nor an answer to this very poor service except that it's on the priority list to fix...., That was a couple months ago
When i went to my area cricket after searching crickets site being new cust thought i'd get a free phone Nope had to buy the lady said cricket icon would be better j2pure No its just basic so i put sim in my unlocked iphone6+works Cricket is just so slow i have 1 bar was2 thought maybe phone but No its Cricket
I dont get emails automatically i have to check and they dont load because its always loading very slow thought cricket was good but sorta regretting this decision even at 55$unlimited  tend to regrow quicker the closer they are to the injury, though not always and there are some therapies that may make it regrow better and possibly a little quicker, including some electrical stimulation therapies.

I have the same issues calls are just about impossible if it does go through nobody can hear me my texts always fail and take 20 mins to send it's absolutely ridiculous and I have regretted switching ever since we did 3 months ago I feel like I pay $60 for service I honestly barely get to use !!! I have LG Stylo 6 but pretty sure it's not the phone. It's all day everyday such with Cricket at my home which I'm almost always home !!! The most frustrating thing ever !!My husband gets super mad about it and sometimes stays out longer til he knows he won't need to make a call