Phone service no longer working.

  • 4 July 2018
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Hi All.

I have a weird problem We have 3 lines on Cricket. As of last Friday, we're no longer able to send or receive phone calls at our home. We can receive texts. The internet works. If we drive a few miles away everything works fine. Cricket said there was a tower out yesterday but it was back in service today. Does anyone have any ideas?


8 replies

OMG!! I have the same problem!!! I was told to replace the phone!! To file a clsim you need a printer! Its 1 mile to the library and its over 90degrees out. Vi am over 70 yrs old and cant walk that far in the heat!!! I am near Mocksville NC!! Where are you??
OMG--same problem!! They told me to replace phone!! To file vlaim you must have a printer. Library is 1 mile away
Cant walk 2 miles in 90+ degree temps. I am over 70 yrs old
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Hi Marv, can you please PM us via our National Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages and provide your complete address, wireless number & 4-digit pin. We'd be happy to look into this matter for you.

I have a I phone 8 plus and I can't get service out asst my camper. You show you have tons of service there. I know for sure there are 2 towers within 5 miles from there. I try to call you and my bars jump from one bar to 4 bars. It's been 3wks straight. You first told me I had a I phone 6. It's a 8 plus. I payed extra money to come to cricket and all I got was problems.

I have had the same issue here at 89102 for a week now and they say there is no damaged tower but I cannot call out or get calls in but I can text and internet works fine and I am fighting cancer and need my phone to get to chemo and I am not able to

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Cricket service has a terrible community reputation in San Francisco. I didn’t know this when I switched services. I’ve given them every opportunity to assist me,however, after months I give up. Just going to change providers.

Its a problem with the only phone it is the SIM or the phone. Network problems affect everyone not just a single person.


Ah, life sucks when internet or phone service stops working. I remember, last semester, I had to miss many online classes due to bad internet, which effected my grade badly. This semester, I have decided to Pay Someone To Take My Chemistry Class and share with me the lecture notes. Because I know the internet isn’t going t get any better, so I have to do something on my own. I hope this solution works though. Anyway, I hope your phone starts working soon.