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  • 17 March 2020
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I saw tonight where another cell phone company is offering upgrades to their customers. It would be nice to see Cricket come through for their customers. I believe the benefits were extended time to pay bills, plan upgrades, and phone upgrades.

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3 replies

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Hi @peewee5001 & thanks for posting on the Community Forum! All current customers are eligible for upgrade pricing once every 90 days. We also offer a Refer-A-Friend Program, BridgePay & BridgePay extension, multi-line discounts, and an Auto-Pay discount for single line accounts w/ a $40 rate plan and higher- all on a reliable nationwide network!:smileyhappy: Keep in mind that you can also use any unlocked GSM device on our network as well. We appreciate your feedback & thank you for being a part of the #CricketNation! 

Not a good deal no one wants to go out and pressure someone to switch we are not sales persons I have been with you since 2017 I have had to send my LG 5 times under insurance for glitches and phone malfunctions I have had this one for going on 2 years and it is old and cracked I have had to keep using it because your upgrades are no deal at all you think we have a lot of money I spend 107 per month for your servace 3 lines. You do not value the coustomers that have been with you for years. Also most of the phones u have suck
Why don't you address the real problem people are talking about. I'm talking about a customer who has paid and been with them for yrs. And when upgrading not only does a new customer get an option for free phones but when upgrading we get charged an outrageous amount as well as the Stupid upgrade 25.00 fee but at home page it says : no fee if activated online. Total bull!!! No contract is about the only reason I stay also. And now you site says in this covid time you're caring about your customer. Seriously wow!!!?