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  • 21 July 2018
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How do I recover some photos on an LG4 I accidently deleted


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Hello. Thanks for joining the Cricket community forum! If you had your photos backed up to a cloud service you may be able to locate them there. Unfortunately if the photos were deleted and you did not have a backup then they would not be able to be recovered. 

Hi, if you did not permanently delete your photos, you can first go to the Recycle Bin to have a check, or you can use the CTRL+Z to have  a try. But if all these ways are not available, you may need to download  a third-party tool, like the Bitwar Data Recovery. Don't worry, I have used this tool before, it's free and good to use, you can try it if necessary.

Re: Photos were backed up. Problem was that the photos from my Cricket were not sent to my email address as I directed. Must I send them to my (unused) google email address?

Were they on your phones internal memory or SD Card? If they were on the internal memory, they're gone, unfortunately. If they were on the SD Card, you may be able to get them back with something like iBoysoft Data Recovery. You weren't automatically backing them up to Google Photos, were you? Can you see them here:

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