Pixel 6 not supported?

  • 24 December 2021
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We recently received a new Google Pixel 6. We bought the unlocked version that is supposed to work on all carriers. Switched the sim over and the phone wouldn’t work, furthermore the number showed up as suspended on myCricket.

We switched it back into the original phone and after a while the suspension was lifted. The Cricket website lists the Pixel 6 as supported, however when we plug the imei number it says the device is not supported.

Anyone have an idea what is happening? Any suggestions?



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5 replies

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Google devices need to have the latest software to work, but if it does… consider what the website says:

  • Device needs to be unlocked
  • the compatibility list is not comprehensive, and you’ll need to go by the IMEI checker

I have exactly the same problem. Tried my new Pixel 6 this morning. Although Cricket says it supports this model, when I enter the IMEI number, Cricket says it is NOT compatible. What’s more, the attempted SIM card swap resulted in my number being suspended. I’ve replaced the card in my older phone, but service has not yet been restored. Any thoughts or suggestions?


TL;DR: Some IMEIs just aren't accepted by Cricket, even on accepted phones


Had this same issue, after 2 hours between 4 cricket employees i was told I had a bad IMEI and there's nothing they could do. At the cricket store they had my service on long enough to send a text and send and receive a call, we stayed for a few minutes and I got a text saying my phone was incompatible. I had my account suspended for trying to use a "3g, no VoLTE" phone (this is untrue of the pixel 6). Made no progress at the store and called support they told me that dispite my phone being accepted my IMEI was not and they couldn't do anything. Their advice was to keep buying a returning accepted models until I got a good IMEI.Luckily I had a duplicate from an order error.

So my Unlocked Google Pixel 6(Coral, From Google) was a foreign unacceptable device, but my Unlocked Google Pixel 6(Black, From Target) had an acceptable IMEI and works fine.



I just had the same issue with my son’s new Pixel 6.  You can’t input an IMEI number to check a phone’s compatibility until you receive your phone.  So all a person can do is trust the list supplied by Cricket.


Very disappointing situation.


same situation here.  new Pixel 6, but Cricket Wireless BYOP IMEI checker say it’s not a supported device.  Cricket can’t/won’t help, Google Pixel Team just says “you have to talk to Cricket Wireless”.  So glad I paid $600 so I could get zero chat or customer service response from Google.