Poor Quality Texted Videos

  • 10 July 2020
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Hi All,   I've been happy with Cricket for over 2 years now and my Motorola Moto G5 phone, with one exception.  Whenever I send a video text or receive one, it is always very poor quality.  I understand some companies throttle videos over the cellular network to various degrees.  Does this happen to everyone else?  Any way to work around it?  Thanks!!


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Hello @chesapeakegoody! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. The quality of the video you receive will be based on multiple factors (what type of device recorded the video, the quality of that device's camera, what type of device you are using). Most of the time if a video is recorded on an Android device and sent to an Apple device, the video will be distorted. Unfortunately, there isn't a fix for this that we are aware of. 

oh wow, I'm now googling this and see it is a big problem.  Thanks for the info!