private calls that are faxes

  • 9 August 2022
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My cell phone is getting calls from a private number and when I answer, it is a fax machine. It has slowly increased to about twenty times a day. I tried blocking private calls but it still allows it to go to voicemail then I end up with a bunch of voicemails with nothing but beeps. How do I stop this? I tried to forward the call, I tried to send it to a fax machine, it won’t work. Has anyone ever had this? It is driving me crazy


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Hi @goin2clog , we're sorry to hear about this. We understand how frustrating spam calls are, as they are unsolicited and unwanted. Please, keep in mind that this is coming from outside of Cricket Wireless. To stop these, we would recommend going to the link below to fill out a brief report, and our spam response provider will take appropriate action.