PUK code and PIN needed, PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • 13 May 2022
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I was locked out of my phone while trying to set it up.  Not sure what I hit but now I need a PUK unlock code (what the PUK is that) and pin #.  It says the unlock code is 8 digits and the pin # is 4 digits.  The message running across the screen also says I have to contact customer service but you’re closed…  I have the plastic card the SIM came in but none of the numbers add up to the 12 needed.  Can anyone help me decipher the strings of numbers on the plastic SIM punch out card or must I wait until the CRICKETS wake up!!!

Thank you in advance for your help..


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Hi @Cedar2447 we are sorry to hear you were locked out of your device. May you Private Message us and we will be glad to assist you further. 


I need the PUK and pin for my sim card 


How do I get PUK code to unlock simcard