Ramdom ad pop up while communicating

My LG phone suddenly keeps getting pop up ads while I'm in the middle of texting. Or ending a phone call.
How do I make this stop while I'm in the middle of communicating?

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Hello, thank you for contacting Cricket! Sometimes the type of apps that are download keep running on the back end of the device. Some apps are free and have a tendency to run adds on the device. We suggest to check and make sure all apps are closed and are not running in the back end.

Cricket your answer is bull. I just got my phone. I have not downloaded any apps. Whatever is causing these stupid pop ups you put on your phones before we purchased them. Your store in alliance ohio also tried to scam me on black friday. Waste of time and money. Not an honorable company.
Yeah, I've got the same problem with my new LG phone. Full screen ads just pop up out of the blue. And I haven't installed any apps I haven't used before. So I figure this is coming from something already installed on the phone. I don't know how to see what apps are running in the background or how to stop them.

I jhad the same issue, it is my own S8 I brought to Cricket. I realized it was the MyCricket and Wifi manager apps that were causing the issue. I was unable to uninstall, but was able to disable both apps. No more ads!! 

BTW- Norton security scan was not able to even "see" these apps ....

Me too this is ridiculous, after paying for insurance and then having to pay a $75 dollar fee for a deductible on a new phone, the replacement/USED phone they sent me came with ads.  I am so upset, now they say I should return it, and be without a phone for a week, and then they will send me another USED phone. I have been a customer for a long time and NEVER complain.  This is ridiculous and embarrassing when the phone starts playing an ad in the middle of a conference or meeting. I downloaded NOTHING! Because of my job I CANNOT be without a phone EVER! 

I just got on Cricket with LG Stylo 3 two days ago. I had to clear two adds every time I used the phone, couldn't answer a call without 1st clearing an add, and they popped up randomly every few minutes. Some I could rid by a swipe, others by clicking a box... totally infuriating! I probably answered 'Do You Trust Facebook' with a 'No' 20 times. I took your advice and shut down My Cricket (couldn't find a WiFi manager) and now I only get one when I use my phone, still un acceptable if it does it answering calls, but sooo much better. Thanks!

You people need to realize that you need to delete the pre-installed apps and use the google versions. The ads are coming from one of these apps and are put there by the manufacturer. This is not Cricket's fault.  Cricket does not make phones.

I am having the same issue with my cricket phone! I have NEVER had this problem with any of my other phones! I had metro pcs prior and NEVER had this problem! I wish I had never switched to cricket!!!!
OK I am seriously pissed! These constant pop ups are draining my battery!!!!!!!!!!
Could not agree more Marv!
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In order to figure out which app is pushing ads on to your device you need to "long press" on the actual advertisement which should tell you which app was the culprit.

If it is a system app that is the cause you might need to enable Developer Options and use ADB to disable or uninstall the app from your user path.

Read here:


How did you figure that out?
How 2 stop