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  • 12 March 2021
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HELLO I accidentally pressed don't allow OR something like that when I was trying to reply to a message from my bank card account.the ones that tell you that you might be charged for so many messages Etc etc so now I can not even check my balance or reply to any of those kinds of messages how do I change it back.please help me.. 


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Hello @Weedajane! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We understand how important it is to be connected to your bank for your financial needs. Our advice would be to reach out to your bank to see if the message can be sent again to allow you to make your selection again. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capabilities to allow or block certain messages to come to your device. 

But see the problem is it's not just my bank it is every message like that. say I'm trying to track a package from UPS and they send me a message that says you have subscribed to package tracking reply yes to receive your information  OK, I  can't reply yes.OR REPLY PERIOD... it says message not sent.  I've tried multiple times  it is every message of this kind. Just for example...they ask you to text the word subscribe to 34343 or something like that... Well I can't do IT  anymore. I could do it up until I accidentally pressed don't allow when it pops up you may be charged for this message an you can receive up to 20 messages a month Etc Etc What are those kinds of messages called? maybe I COULD word it better if I knew what they were called. PLEASE HELP THIS IS REALLY HINDERING ME FROM RECEIVING ALOT OF IMPORTANT INFO. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP..