Security Error. Phone Locked

  • 7 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I have never flashed any custom firmware or rooted this thing. I would add more details but my phone keeps restarting to this screen. Clearing cache in recovery let's it boot again but soon locks after a little use. I have no idea what's going on any help would be appreciated.

just wanted to mention the cracks are on the Whitestone dome screen protector and the phone has been in a case since I bought it. It's still in immaculate condition.


Update1: I have decided to reflash this myself, it took awhile but I found a June patch Odin image of the exact baseband version my phone is running right now. Unfortunately because I don't want to pay for a premium membership from I am stuck waiting 15 hours @ 115kb/s but it's still faster than tinychat @ 15kb/s. I used to do all rooting and romming from the early android years (Epic 4g, Epic touch 4g, note2) so I'm fairly familiar with what I'm doing. Since I am flashing official firmware with official tools there shouldn't be any security/Knox issues.

Update2: Odin succesfully flashed the new firmware, however now it rebooted 3 times and went back to the Security Error. :(


Update3: I finally bit the bullet and talked to T Mobile and their tech support authorized a warranty exchange. Just got a new phone ordered. Thank god my Note 3 still works flawlessly and will get me through the next 3-4 days

2 replies


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