Shattered phone! Can I retrieve my contacts?

  • 17 May 2021
  • 6 replies

Phone is shattered. Power is on (it won’t turn off!), but phone is not at all functional. How can I get my contacts?

6 replies

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Thank you for reaching out.  Some devices allow you to save the contacts to the email.  Unfortunately not all allows this.  

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@o2bnusvi Hey there! If you’ve backed up your contacts in Google, then you’ll be able to retrieve them when your log into your Gmail on your new phone. You may also be able to get your photos, videos, and text messages as well once you sync your email. 


hi my n ame is kenisha  i am trying to retreive my contacts lists from my phone but it want come on screen black just lines on it is there any way possible that cricket can email on how to do so



im needing my phone contact list my phone broken


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You can try outputting you phone display to an outside monitor. Small chance it’ll work though. Need special cable. 

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