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  • 28 August 2023
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Okay I have this Obama phone I'm not sure if anybody around me country is familiar with the term Obama phone but it's a free government phone right okay here's the issue on my way I can't use the phone because I can't get it charged the battery is bad and blah blah blah but I managed to keep the SIM card active and I bought this cricket phone here last night at Walmart I'm wondering if I can just put my SIM card out of my government phone in this cricket and it'll work or do I have to go through the service provider insurance wireless and then do it I think I already know the answers question but just curious thank you bye


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Hi @Sacsummers , thank you for reaching out to us. All of our phones are locked to our network until you've had at least 6 months of active paid service with the phone. For further information please visit the link below: