sim unlock code for moto g stylus 5g

  • 9 October 2022
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I purchased my moto G stylus 5g frome a pawnshop not through cricket but need to unlock it so I can use it please and thank you 


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2 replies

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Hello @Ace84Usmc03! Most Cricket phones can be unlocked through the MyCricket app. Just make sure you have an internet connection, open the MyCricket app, and tap unlock. If the option to unlock is not present the phone is most likely already unlocked.


Did you ever get it unlocked? I bought mine used also, I had got this device because I had a cricket phone that broke, and the SIM card that was in it had worked only in cricket phones before, 2 of them! It was at&t service paid for by my lifeline program so I bought a phone that my SIM card wouldn't work in. I went to talk to the people at the AT&t store and at the cricket store and I was not helped at all and not long after that my SIM card stopped working. So now I have a boost Mobile hotspot that my lifeline program or affordable connectivity program pays for it and I have a text now SIM card that I would just be using in the event that my hotspot didn't work or that I didn't have it with me which would almost be never but I just need to make sure that the phone would work with either, unless it would be free for me to switch from boost Mobile to cricket service and still have unlimited data talk and text every month without having to pay anything out of my Pocket every month.  i heard that i could pay a fee to have it unlocked  and I would be willing to do that as a last resort however I  am not paying for 6months of service bc if it hasn't been used for 6months yet, that is not my fault! They'll be financially better off to unlock mine for a fee, bc not only do I have another device that is unlocked that I could use which is a Samsung I also would be able to switch from boost to assurance wireless and receive  another FREE phone (Samsung, lg, iphones, etc) with UNLIMITED EVERYTHING from ASSURANCE WIRELESS and never pay cricket anything bc I NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH THEM! I DON'T OWE THEM SHIT,  but what I will do is ask about my lifeline or affordable connectivity program being applied to my cricket bill every month IF I WAS TO DECIDE TO ACTIVATE THIS PHONE ON CRICKET.... (EVEN THOUGH the data is NOT unlimited as it is through assurance wireless-plus you get a 5 or 10 gb allowance for mobile hotspot!!) if it turns out that the monthly allowance from those programs doesn't cover all of the bill every month my bill every month and I have to pay the difference,  or any money at all other than a one time unlock fee, then I will give this phone to my 5yr old , I really love this phone!! And I'd be happy to switch my service that the government pays for! But the reason  I qualify for the government programs is because I have no income. I really I have ALREADY spent money that  I didn't have to spend considering I could have gained instead of lost, since other carriers include free device and unlimited everything!!! so it's up to y'all at cricket, it doesn't matter to me!