South Hill store lady is rude

Been with Cricket about eight months. bought two phones one for Me one for the business. one phone jack would not work went to the store the young lady who told another lady that she was being rude to that she was a general manager once she got to me I was telling you about my phone jack and she was very rude she wouldn't let me get a word in she told me to phone that I have messed up the phone putting something in the aux Jack which I never used.I told her I never did she actually told me NO you use the phone jack before I can see the damage as she the her flashlight on. I said thank you letf the store came home called support. Emilio is a very helpful young man. The problem he couldn't fix but very helpful. Look im a manager of a restaurant, I get it! customers can drive you crazy but this girl should not be your face of the company. Any i fixed the phone. But not sure about every going in the store with her there again!!!!!!

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We never want to hear that your store is experience is less than smile worthy! We recommend reaching out to our support teams on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for assistance in formally filing this complaint to store leadership.

Wow! I don't understand why people would say things like that. It's none of their business what you cook for your family or how you eat. I've had people tell me that I shouldn't eat white rice because apparently it's "bad" for you.


We must talk about this!