this is some slow data

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So I got the dream 5g phone for free moving over from boost.  I had a crappy wiko ride 3 that was only capable of 4g... Whatever 5g is not noticeably faster in the US from what I have read.  


Anyways, this is not fast at all.  Sometimes it's slower than dial-up.  And on the dream 5g there is no way to force 4g.  So even if the phone has found good strong 4g, it will try to stay on an inferior 5g signal.  


Boost was cheaper and only had a 35 gig cap.  After that it just got a little slow.  Not as slow as this.  I'm already at 22Gb because that's not a lot of data.  And I have the extra plan.  


For a no holds bar extra plan, in a major city, this is sad.  Oftentimes not really getting any service.  And before anyone says try to warranty the phone, I did.  This is the 2nd one.  And my girlfriend also has the same phone, not over the 22Gb cap, and often slower than me.


This sucks Cricket.  I thought Boost was a lame cell phone company, but you have a lot to figure out it seems.


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Hello @Walrus667531 and welcome to our Cricket Community Forum. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with your Cricket Dream 5G. From reading your post, it sounds like you’re on an older grandfathered unlimited plan that has the 22GB data cap. If you are on the grandfathered $60 Unlimited Extra plan, then you will have a data cap. Currently, we have two new unlimited plans, our $55 Cricket Core and $60 Cricket More, and neither of them has the 22GB data cap. You compare the details of these two plans by clicking on the link below:

For assistance, with getting your plans updated, feel free to reach out to us directly @CricketSupport. We’re happy to help 😃

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That's rediculous.  I just signed up for cricket.  This is my first month.  Why the heck would they give me some old plan????

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I have cricket more.  And there is definitely a speed cap.  My phone is right next to my girlfriends...same phone.  She is getting 40 mbps, I am getting like 3.


It's been like this all month.  They should reset my stuff. 


What the hell do I do??  I've been screwed over all month??   Who do I call to fix this???   I've already called about it being slow and they just act like I'm am idiot.

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It says right there it will slow me down at 22GB.  So who is telling the truth??

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I'm on my 3rd Dream 5g, it doesn't get better. You call tech, they do something from their end, make you reinsert the sim, hard restart and tell you, "I can assure you it won't happen again,". Ha ha ha but it's not funny. You will get lied to, have hours of your time wasted, but no, it's unlikely you will get what you have paid for, at least that has been my experience this far.