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  • 21 April 2019
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Less than 2 months ago I bought a new Nokia 3.1 Plus running Android Pie. So far I've been able to download 2 updates with no problems. Yesterday another one popped up and I haven't been able to download it. I keep getting this message "Previous DM session is still working. Please try again later." I searched online, didn't find much. I did find that DM stands for Device Management and supposedly means something running in the background. I turned off all of my backups. Still the same message. Has anyone ran into this problem before? Or anyone have a fix? Cricket CS was no help as usual and told me to contact the manufacturer, even though it does state Cricket Wireless software update.

9 replies

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Hello @annette09786

Please go to your settings and then to the application manager. Check to see if you find an app named Device Management. Once you locate it you can force stop the app, restart the phone, and check for updates.


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Did that solve your issue?

Nope. There's nothing like that in my settings. If there was a way to attach something, I could show you. I even did a search for it in the settings menu. I can't find application manager!
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@annette09786 The option would be under Settings>apps and notifications>all apps. 

The only thing that remotely comes close in the apps is Device Health Services.
Ok I have Device Health Services. Then when I go to the 3 dots and click on Show System, it also gives Device Info and Device Monitor Control.
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Try software update. You might have two of them, one will be for device and the other will be for cricket. Not sure if it will be on your phone or not. I have it on my galaxy s9 and cleared the everything on it and still can't get an update
What do you mean try software update? That's what the whole problem is about. There was an update but it wouldn't start because of DM still working. Or however I out it in the original post.
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If I could post a pic I would. But I'm thinking the device management is now called software update, according to the icon it shows on the side. If your phone does have it try clearing Cache to see if it will work for you. Sorry I can't be more helpful