Unable to send or receive MMS

  • 25 January 2019
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My BYOD OnePlus 5T has NEVER been able to send or receive SMS with pictures, no matter how small (can't even send a 50kb JPG).  When I try to send a text with a picture, 5-10 seconds after I click send ( >>) I get "Message not sent: service not activated on network"

I've revised/added/deleted APN settings over and over based on the latest blog suggestions, confirmed that MMS will not work when I am connected to my Wifi or not, tried three or four different texting apps (Messages (default - blue icon) Messages (green icon, Textra, WhatsApp), on my 3rd Cricket-issued SIM, had Cricket retail technicians try to fix, etc.  I am ready to switch to another provider.  PLEASE, someone, HELP!


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Where is this found, how do I check it?

I already have this number in my message center. I still have to turn off WiFi to send or receive mms. When will this be fixed?
Help I've been unable to receive or send picture messages

That is the number that is configured in my phone.  Thank you for your suggesting that I check this.

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Hello @rsmcomputer

You may need to check your message center number. The number for the SMSC address should be +13123149810.