Unlocked my Cricket phone, IMEI still not recognized by look up tool.

  • 30 July 2022
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Any idea how the IMEI look up thing works? Unlocked my phone about an hour ago with the mycricket app, looked up the IMEI on another providers on line tool to see if it was compatible with their network and it doesn’t recognize the IMEI number. Does it just take more time?



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6 replies

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I appreciate the information and advice you have shared.

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Hi @live_poor sometimes it could take up to 48 hours to register in other carrier’s compatibility tools. Were you able to get the information you needed?

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When I search the phone on verizon’s on line IMEI checker I get this message: “Case ID is null. Case ID is required to proceed further”. Phone has been unlocked for several days now. 


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Little update. We just went ahead and got the SIM from the other provider for this phone in question and it worked. I think the IMEI checkers are sometimes faulty. Also remember that wireless providers want you to buy a new phone. That locks you into their service for three years to pay for the phone and they don’t feel obliged to pay you to bring your old phone to their service.  I think their motto is: “when in doubt, make the customer throw theirs out”. They make money from selling wireless connections AND SELLING PHONES. They have little interest in putting forth an effort to help you use your old phone on their network. 


Did you not have to put in any unlock codes and what were they? Please


I appreciate the information