• 28 July 2018
  • 5 replies

I have a zte grand x 4 and i recently just updated my software.. Now i cant go into my photo gallery.. I cant take pictures.. I cant even go into my google play store.. Please can anyone tell me what is going on if i can unistall the update..

5 replies

Hello all,

I have a ZTE Grand X 4 and I had this same issue. after the update my gallery would crash as well as my play store and download app. I found that my pictures were still stored under a file marked DCIM. I put in an SD card and was able to move those files to the card and keep them safe. I then went into manage apps. I opened each app and manually cleared the cache on each one. I also deleted my games. (These can be retrieved later from play store) and I deleted all data from the camera as well as the gallery. After this was completed several updates began taking place on the phone and my gallery and other apps that weren't working were then restored. I believe what may have happened is that I didn't have enough memory on the phone for the update to finish. I hope this helps. Have a great day

Mine is doing the same. And I can't access my emails in Gmail app OR the Google Play Store.
I can't access the gallery app, Google play store OR my emails in Gmail app!
Same phone, same problem. I can't access my gallery, can't take pictures, can't access the play store..... I am beyond frustrated...and it was a forced update.
So, about how much space do you thing was needed? I'm having the same problem but I've got a little over 2 gigs open.