Using many apps, top portion of screen goes black

  • 9 August 2020
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I now have two screenshots of this irritating feature I can't seem to figure out how to disable. I'm using a pretty new LG Fortune 3, running Android version 10.

What happens is, I'll be using some app, maybe scrolling or otherwise interacting with it, when suddenly, my app is pulled down to the lower 3/4, 2/3, or lower 1/2 of the screen, leaving the upper portion of the screen as black, with small print saying "tap here to go to full screen."

What is this "feature" called, and how do I disable it? Thank you.

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@Slickslack It could possibly be multi-window or another built-in function on the device. You may be able to find it in the owner's manual:


I believe I have finally solved this mystery. I think it's a feature called "one-handed screen," found appropriately under "display" settings. Updating for any current or future folks struggling with a screen that randomly goes partially black, with the bit about tapping for full screen.