V20 update

  • 8 October 2018
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Hi I have at&t unlocked V20 that I use with cricket network. Why doesn't it receive updates? Even when I checked for updates via settings it says no update available

4 replies

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Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! We would suggest to connect to Wi-Fi. Some updates can only update when connected to Wi-Fi.

I did connect to WiFi but still no update
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Thank you for trying. We would suggest getting in contact with the manufacturer of the device to see if the device meets the specs to receive the update. Cell phone companies do not have access to pushing out the software updates on devices only the manufacture company does.

AT&T are bastards!


They will only push the update out to your phone if it has an AT&T SIM card in it.


What I did was buy a 10 dollar att prepaid sim card kit, then activated it without adding any money , put the sim card overnight a couple of times after hitting check for updates and on the third night it downloaded the updates over wifi.


If you deiced to Root you can do it without the sim card.