Visual Voicemail not working, seemingly after app update

I currently have a LG Escape 3 and up until recently I liked the Visual Voicemail app that was on the phone.  However, it appears to have been updated as recently as two days ago and now it no longer works.

When I get voicemails, they no longer are accessible thru Visual Voicemail, and if I try to check the "Greeting" it just spins forever and if I go back to the Settings page I get this constant "Unavailable at this time" message at the bottom of the screen..

I just wondered if it was an issue with the app, my phone, and if I'm going to need to factory reset it or not to get it to work again? 



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Same for me on my Google pixel XL but with the beta version Android Q (Android 10) keeps telling me that I must have cricket service in order to use the visual voicemail app and then it closes...
is my phone and is frist time as
i am try to use,thanks moto.