Visual Voicemail not working, seemingly after app update

I currently have a LG Escape 3 and up until recently I liked the Visual Voicemail app that was on the phone.  However, it appears to have been updated as recently as two days ago and now it no longer works.

When I get voicemails, they no longer are accessible thru Visual Voicemail, and if I try to check the "Greeting" it just spins forever and if I go back to the Settings page I get this constant "Unavailable at this time" message at the bottom of the screen..

I just wondered if it was an issue with the app, my phone, and if I'm going to need to factory reset it or not to get it to work again? 



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Ok, just an update, I asked someone else and their Visual Voicemail stopped working too, so I'm guessing it's not my phone and something to do with the upgrade to the app or something.

You're not the only one. And if you click the menu and attempt to "refresh" the list, it goes to blinkingly refreshing the numbers of old recordings and a message of "no connectivity" across the bottom.

It's the app, not your phone. I'm new to Cricket. T-Mobile's VM-to-text was so much better. I didn't know how good I had it! Cricket's app stinks. So do some other things. I can't go back to T-Mobile since they don't have coverage in the area to where I'm moving, but Verizon does. Might have to make a change already.

I had the same problem crop up on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Android Oreo.  I went through all the normal steps of reinstalling, clearing cache/data, etc.  I called cricket to troubleshoot the issue.  They wanted me to backup my phone and perform a factory reset.  If that didn't work, they were going to reset my whole voicemail account. Though I can do the factory reset, I really didn't want to (time consumed that could doing something useful).  I removed the app again.  I 'side loaded' an older version of the app.  The current version number is  I installed version  The older version works fine for me.  It is definitely something with the new version of the app that's causing the problem.  I left the older version installed and turned off app auto-updates.  I'll wait until the next release and see if they fix whatever issue the current app has.

Not working with Android 9 (Pie) either.  Just gives me a message after entering a password...  "Oops... Password not saved, please check network and APN settings and try again."

Yep, same exact issue on Google Pixel 2 XL with Android 9... "Oops... Password not saved, please check network and APN settings and try again."

Same here on Essential Phone running Android Pie.

Also have the same issue, running android 9 on OnePlus6

Also have the same issue, running android 9 on OnePlus6

I am getting the same error on my new one plus 6. Has anyone found a solution?
I am having the same error on my new one plus 6. Has anyone found a solution.
I am new to Android how do you "side load" an old version of the cricket app.
Anyone use a different vvm. I tried setting up Google voice and did not have success with it either.
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Ditto, Pixel 2, although I've not seen Cricket VVM app work on Oreo or Pie... I got the "Password not saved, please check ... APN settings" error regardless of OS version. As far as I know my APN settings are as they need to be... I have no other problems with service, and aside from first day of service setup in May 2018 at the Cricket retailer haven't touched my APN settings... anyone have a help article explaining exactly which settings are germaine to VVM, so I can double-check them?
Same password error for me. With 9 and OnePlus 6
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I hope you the same problem with Cricket Visual Voicemail app on a Pixel 3. Just for kicks, I installed AT&T Vsual Voicemail app from Play Store and it works like a charm

Is this still an issue? I was just about to switch to Cricket but won't if they don't support their apps on current versions of Android. I've got a OnePlus 6 running Pie and don't want to go back to the dark ages before VVM.

just uninstall it then reinstall it. problem solved

Still not working for me

Yep, it still does not work for me.

Guys, just go into App info for Cricket Visual Voicemail > Force Stop it > Go to Storage for this app > Clear Data.

Next time you run it, it will ask you to set it up > click Allow access and allow all permissions. This fixed it for me and downloaded the voicemails I already had on their servers.

Great job inasuit!  Just what I needed!

I have been having the same issue. I downloaded one from here and it works.

I was having the same issue, uninstalling & reinstalling the app didn't fix it, clearing cache/data didn't fix it. I had to change the default SMS/Text app back to the phone's built-in messages app temporarily to set it up. In my case, I was using Google's messaging app rather than the built-in phone app.



  1. Uninstall Visual Voicemail app
  2. Change default SMS/Text/Messaging app (there should be a 'default apps' in your settings) to the phones built-in messaging app
  3. Reinstall Visual Voicemail app and proceed through setup
  4. Change your messaging app back to default
Some phones may have an incorrect device setting that will cause problems during the upgrade. If your phone has a problem, just follow these simple steps:
-Open your phone’s Settings.
-Under Applications, tap Call.
-Under Voicemail, tap Voicemail Settings.
-Tap Voicemail Number and change it to 8133823347 (or +18133823347).
-Tap OK to save your changes.

Now go back to the Google Play store and download or update the Cricket Visual Voicemail App.
If you still need help, chat online at or call 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) from your phone.
Thanks this worked for me
Same not working on My Google Pixel XL But I have the Android 10 (Q) Beta running on my phone it keeps telling me I must have cricket service in order to use visual voicemail , but my service is through cricket