• 11 June 2019
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I have been a customer of Cricket for years, with great success.  I have 2 lines.

One Cricket phone (716-649-6000) is used for business.  When business calls come in (each day)...they are FORWARDED to one of my staff.  The call forwarding feature (and voice) has always worked perfectly, for many years.  No issues.

PROBLEM:  Within the last 6 months or so...when a forwarded call comes in, there is a significant voice delay between two parties.

It's much like on a national newscast...when the anchor person is talking to another reporter on the other side of the earth, and there are delays before the messages are heard by each party.

In over 12+ years, we have never, ever had an issue (with forwarded calls on 716-649-6000)...until now.  Is it an AT&T problem? 

RESOLUTION:  How can you fix it?  How long will it take?

I absolutely don't want to change carriers...but we must get this corrected right away.  It's completely distracting to us and to our clients.

Please look into this and contact me with your plan of action.  Thank you very much!  CUSTOMER:  Rollin Shoemaker

3 replies

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@rollinshoe Hi Rollin, has the device been on the call forwarding for the past twelve years without interruption? If so have you tried stopping the call forwarding and resetting it again?

Thanks for getting back to me.


No...The call forwarding is changed daily to another remote staff member, and has been for years.  The call forwarding isn't set to a single telephone, but several...changing daily, all week.  Re-booting:  I have shut down and rebooted the phone (just got a new LG Fortune 2...to see if a new phone would work better).  It's the same...


Most calls have always come in to the 716-649-6000 Cricket account number...from an 800 number.  Never an issue until now.


The only other clue:  When I change the call forwarding to another destination, I haven't been deactivating it first (#21#).  I just enter the next phone number...and it works fine, and has for years this way, until now.  Any ideas?


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@rollinshoe We would like to look further into this issue. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook (m.me/cricketwireless) or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.