Voice down

  • 12 November 2018
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Voice has been not working for over a week now from my home. Repeated calls for support have not helped. I have been with cricket for years with no problems. Data lte is fine. Four bars for service. There was a tower outage 2 weeks ago and we called support. No bars for service and the representative said they were aware and it would be fixed in a couple of days. It was and it worked for a few days. Now no voice on my android phones until you get a few miles away from home. It affects Four phones from two manufacturers. All four work fine as soon as you get a few miles away from home. 1 mile away they still don't work. This is on a major road highway 378. The iPhone is fine using HD voice. Customer support says that they will call back. I told them to call on the voip landline. All we have heard is crickets though. 😭

1 reply

Still down. After being told that the tower had a problem and it would be resolved by December 1. Then being told there are no current issues, we are being told now it will be a week later. I have my doubts.