walmart cricket branded Motorola stylus 2021- wifi calling

  • 27 May 2021
  • 4 replies

Bought a cricket branded Motorola stylus 2021 from Walmart. It is not listed on cricket site as having wifi calling.  Review on Walmart site says it does.  Can anyone confirm? Thank you

4 replies

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Hey! From my experience, Cricket doesn’t allow Wifi Calling on BYOD Androids. Your not gonna be able to use it 😅.

It's an actual cricket branded phone, only sold at WalMart.  I am hoping.

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Got mine through AT&T which owns Cricket but they still wont except it. My neighbor 4 miles away also bought hers at AT&T and she had it at first then they turned it off (blocked) and after complaining she got it back. Not me however. Terrible customer service, terrible company. Cant even tell you why service was interupted by bad weather. Days! Any credit? Nope!

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Just like text messages wifi is built it not an added feature. They block it and hold you hostage to make you spend more money just as was done years ago with text messages.