Warning: Cricket Mobile Hotspot will not support Android BYOD

  • 23 February 2021
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the Moto G Power is sold by Cricket. The IMEI number for my BYOD Moto G Power checks out as “Yay! Your XT2041-4 is compatible!” The Moto G Power is literally listed by Cricket as a phone that supports Cricket’s mobile hotspots with an eligible plan.

Nowhere I could find (guess I should have checked here instead of the information coming from Cricket directly) is the fact that my Cricket mobile hotspot will NOT support my Moto G Power because I didn’t buy it from Cricket. Different answers from customer service on every call, although at least they all tried to sell me a phone. Cricket was unwilling to help, despite the fact that I could have had them send me a free Moto G Power literally four days earlier when I activated the line

The hell of this is that it is evident from this forum that this is known issue, yet Cricket continues to put out misleading information. This is how you lose a customer not for today, but for the next 40 years.


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Hi @nmfixed 

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, phones from other carriers that are able to be used on our network may not be compatible with our Mobile Hotspot. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance.

I had the same issue. My wi-fi calling will not work with my BYOB phone. Features like call forwarding also will not work. So I caved in and bought a Cricket phone and sold the Note 9. They do explain that on the website but not obvious to all users.


False advertisement, misleading information. Doing business in the manner will lead inevitably to lost sales from what would have been lifelong customers. I am in the same boat. At least now my mind is made up. New Provider time. Cricket can shove it. 😁😆