Were past dealing with the Dream 5g

  • 16 April 2023
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Ever since my wife has had the Dream 5g its been one problem after another we are so sick of dealing with this we are so sick of waiting on cricket to fix this that we are past the dream 5G we would like the phone warrantied under defective device and replace with something other than a dream 5G I've read the forms and seeing that there's nothing but issues and corruption with this phone and we are to the point that we are ready to switch companies unless cricket makes this right my wife is a travel nurse she uses the phone for her work it's vital to her career it's also vital to her patience she takes care of this phone is a valuable valuable piece of her everyday life if cricket can't get it working I'm sure there's lots of companies that would be more than willing to take our money and have one working for us asap we would like a communication back from cricket and some kind of resolution to this issue because we are in need of a working device as soon as humanly possible which means today please because tomorrow I promise we will be shopping


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Hello @Sonnybookin! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are sorry to hear about your frustrations and troubles with the Cricket Dream 5G. We advise you to file a warranty claim on the device via the link below. Once the claim has been submitted, please reach out to us via DM @CricketSupport and provide us with the Return Authorization number. Once we have this number, we can see what comparable devices can be offered to replace your Cricket Dream 5G.