What happened to customer loyalty perks?

  • 10 July 2021
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After 8 years with cricket I’m likely leaving. Why? No incentives for loyal customers.

I wanted to upgrade my OLD phone after nearly 3 years...last time I got max price discount and a waived upgrade fee. This time, cricket wants top price and the fee. Totally asinine.

I can let my plan lapse and start a new line with cricket and get the phone for half of what they want to charge for upgrade.

I can also go to MINT wireless, get their $30 unlimited plan AND pay $14 a month for the same phone and save $11 a month for the same features and probably better service. 

I spent over 2 hours on the phone and web chat trying to get and appropriate offer to stay with this service and got told to try going to a store as the folks at CORPORATE CUSTOMER CARE can’t make right for a longtime customer. 

Utterly ridiculous. I’ll pay more a month to stick with the familiar but if cricket doesn’t want to sell me a new phone with a reasonable price, I’m outta here.


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5 replies

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Hello @Thursday13! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. First off, we would like to thank you for your loyalty that you’ve shown us over the past 8 years. We appreciate your loyalty and we apologize for any frustrations. Cricket appreciates all of our customers which is why we offer upgrade discounts, monthly plan discounts, and a referral program that allows you to earn up to $250 per year in bill credits.


Also, we offer some great deals on devices for our new and existing customers. Please know that current customer offers must be taken advantage of when offered and have expiration dates like new customer offers. See the link below to stay up to date on any current customer offers:

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The referral system implies that I would suggest anyone pay for sub-par treatment and plan options. Also, I may be new here but I read around some first and maybe try not to come off so obviously repetitive and generic with your “help” replies...

The “great deal” offered was TWICE what a NEW customer would is that supposed to encourage loyalty?

Add to all this the fact that cricket doesn’t even rate in any prepaid wireless “best lists” anymore AND the same plans, features and phones can be had for 40% less from other carriers. There is literally no point to go with such a mediocre and overpriced carrier. I only wanted to keep the familiar and convenient but the way cricket handles things has turned me away. Lost the 3 other lines I was going to bring over in a few weeks too. All because you offer a better deal to a new customer than a longstanding and now previously loyal one.

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@Thursday13  I feel you, but for me the incentive for existing customers is to keep having a low rate plan. You can def go to other carriers like AT&T and Verizon that will give you free phones or discounted phones here and there, but the rate plan won’t be the same low price most likely. Just be aware that you will see amazing phone offers to switch, but once you are with the carrier, most likely the promos will not apply to you anymore either. I know it sucks, but that’s just the way it is with carriers. I just keep my low monthly price here, and buy my own phones outside of Cricket.

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nearly every carrier has a better priced unlimited service plan than cricket these days. Even adding the monthly phone purchase from most keeps it under the plan only with cricket. the fact that cricket doesn’t even place in ANY lists of good prepaid carriers these days pretty much seals the deal.

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FYI anyone finding this later…

Better plan, network AND phone for over $20 less a month than I’ve been conned out of every few weeks with cricket. Run from psycho Jiminy’s service as fast as you can folks. WAY BETTER OPTIONS OUT THERE NOW!!!