Where does Visual Voicemail store saved messages on Android?

  • 12 November 2019
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I am switching from a Google Pixel to an iPhone and I want to back up my saved visual voicemails first. Where are these files stored on an Android phone?


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10 replies


Here’s how to export and access saved voicemails in the Cricket Visual Voicemail app.


  1. Open the voicemail you want to export and tap the 3 vertical dots at the top right of the screen


  2. Tap “Export to file”
  3. Plug your phone into your computer
  4. Unlock your phone and swipe down from the top of your screen
  5. Tap the menu item that says something like “Android System -Charging this device via USB”


  6. Tap it a second time


  7. Set the “Use USB for” option to something like “File Transfer”
  8. From your computer, open Windows Explorer and click on “This PC” then double-click your Phone’s name


  9. Double click “internal storage”
  10. Click inside the box containing the file path, and add

    to the end of the existing text


  11. If this guide helped you (and this took me a while to figure out) please consider donating even just $1 to the North Carolina ALS association:

For those of you who are already technically inclined, the file-path that the Cricket Wireless Visual Voicemail app saves to when you tap “Export to file” can be accessed by a computer at this address: [Your Phone]\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.mizmowireless.vvm\files


This took me a good while to figure out and if this guide helped you, please consider donating even just $1 to the North Carolina ALS association:

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@bvz2000 If you already switched your service from the android to the iPhone device the voicemail will me in your inbox. If you sign into the voicemail in the iPhone and you had them saved they will be there in the saved messages. 

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@bvz2000We would suggest trying to save them on the computer as MP3 files to store and save.

I see. Thanks.

I haven't switched yet, but this is good to know.

Is there any way to download these files? They are from a deceased relative and I'd very much like to keep them permanently.
Thanks for the reply. That's what I would like to do, but I cannot find them in the filesystem of the phone. Is there a way to export them from the app?
Or are you suggesting that I somehow log into my account on a computer to do that? I didn't know that that was possible. Is it?
Simple and discardable until a loved one suddenly poses away without warning. Then they are incredibly precious and complex.

The above reply is not the answer to the question of where on the phone are the voicemail files stored?  after they are deleted from regular voice mail, they are still on the phone in files, until deleted in the visual voice mail app.  WERE is the question.  Can anyone provide the path to the voice mail files of stored voicemails in this app?? I KNOW they are there someplace, because they can be played with no internet connection, and no sim card installed...they are stored on the device someplace.


I agree.  Does not know what they are doing.