Why Am I To Be Penalized for A Bad Decision

  • 25 January 2023
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I switched to Spectrum from Cricket in December 2022, ostensibly to save money. Unfortunately I was plagged with bad phones. I purchased a Moto G Stylus in 2022. Spectrum said it wasn’t one of their acceptable phones, so I had to settle for an older type Moto G Pure (2021). After 2+ weeks of it not working out of town (in NC) and not having a working SIM card (that’s all on my record), I purchased a ‘NEW” moto Dream 5 G phone at a Raleigh NC Cricket store. It costs me a lot (though being a lower end. I needed a working cellphone for work that weekend)! When SIM card arrived from Cricket online I told Customer Service it was too big. I was told that I’d have to put in in through the back. I pushed did all that I could and couldn’t get the back off. Went to the Cricket store where we agreed the phone was marked not to try to remove the back. Store personnel pointed out the problem wasn’t the size of the SIM card - but that it was encased in a larger piece of cardboard. Phone is ruined. I was told all about the program for replacement but find it sad that while being scalped for weeks (and now having 3 phones) that Asurion wants ME to pay $75 minimum for a problem I did not cause. On top of that - I had to finish paying for the Moto G Pure, since the person who took my order put me on a payment plan with Spectrum. The plan as I was told was that I could use the Moto G Stylus as an offset, yet, Cricket staff had me to pay OFF the Moto G Pure phone that I didn’t even want.

First step - I’m now using the Moto G Pure since it does work in Raleigh. I’d like a replacement Moto Dream 5 G.


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Thank you for responding, however there are two issues: #1. I returned to the Cricket store where purchased 3 days later for reimbursement. They claimed they’re ‘not allowed’ to accept returns (whereas online and other places its said to return within 7 days. #2. Why is it considered a legitimate ‘claim’ if I have to pay $75 (more money out of my pocket)? I did the claim thing. Returning the other - but still feel victimized by all of the money coming out of my pocket. I can only hope that when the messed up phone is received from me that I’ll also be REIMBURSED for the $75. Otherwise, this is as I said earlier - unfair.

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Hi @VenitaPeyton and welcome to the Community Forum! We’re sorry to hear about your experience, but you’ve come to the right place for help. 🤗 Your Cricket Dream 5G is covered under our 2 Year Worry-Free Warranty from the date of purchase. To make a warranty claim visit and follow the prompts on the site, or contact the Returns Center at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) for assistance. The support center will troubleshoot the device malfunction over the phone and provide instructions for the warranty return, if applicable.