Why did my notifactions sound change to the cricket piano when I had set to and outside sound?

  • 22 November 2020
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I have had my sounds on my LG Cricket phone  set up with Zedge sounds for couple years and now just 2 days ago my text sound was changed to the Cricket Piano and nothing I try will let me go back to what I had. When I look in my settings it shows its to be Dilly Dilly, but when i look at my contacts notifications sound it shows Main, (Cricket Piano)?

4 replies

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It sounds like your phone may have completed a software update that changed things around. Have you tried to uninstall and install Zedge again?

I just did and the Cricket piano still shows as my notifications sound for my contacts even after re-booting my phone. When I go to my tools and then settings, and go to sound it shows  my ringtone is what I want and the default notification sound is dilly dilly what it was, but when I go into my contacts it shows the sound is the Main, Cricket piano and I have never had any Cricket sounds on my phone for over 2 years or more?

Even when my phone shows the sound I wanted for a contact message it still rings with the Cricket Piano. Not happy..

I have also downloaded ringtones from Zedge and if I clear out my files and delete the junk mail it all goes back to the default setting of The Ring on my notifications of my email so then I have to go back into notifications hit the plus sign get all of my ringtones and reload the ringtone now the problem I'm having is that when I connect this LG to my Bluetooth the only thing I can do is receive calls and make calls my phone is completely silent I don't hear any notifications from messages or emails coming from my phone do you have that problem