why isnt the lg v60 compatiable with the cricket network?

  • 11 August 2022
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basically title, i upgraded from a stylo 6 to a lg v60. im able to use other carriers(tmoblie, verizon) with the v60 but not cricket.

Has it just not been added? The v60 has all the necessary requirements as far as im concerned.


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3 replies

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I’m sure it’ll work. These companies don’t invest a lot of time and energy to help you use your old phone. They want you to get a new one so they can lock you in to their service for a while paying it off. I also suspect the government colluded with the larger carriers to push the 5G transition which doesn’t really offer much new, doesn't penetrate walls and really isn’t available for most people in most places. Maybe it lets the government spy on us easier. Who knows. 

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Hi @daldal and welcome to the Community Forum. Please know that we are working to add more devices to the compatibility list every day. However, since HD Voice clients vary between the different carriers, not all variations will work on the Cricket network. Because HD Voice service would not be guaranteed to function and thus 911 calling may not be supported, the devices cannot be supported on our network.


There are diff models of V60. The ATT version should work on Cricket, as its actually approved and works on ATT - VM-V600AM. The t-mobile (VM-V600TM) and others , unfortunately don’t work with ATT .   ATT has same requirements as Cricket, therefore VM-V600AM should be on their approved list, but its not yet. Might take another year before they update their list (such a bad company when it comes to support)