Wifi disabled on LG Xcharge

My wifi keeps disabling. Cricket store said they have had several complaints about the same issue. They reset my network settings. I clicked forget on my home wifi and reentered the password. Wifi works for a couple of minutes and disables again. Already had my provider swap out my modem and router. I saw on the xfinity board while researching this that they are having the same problem with the LG xcharge. Just bought mine about 4 months ago. Bought 4 of them/family members. 2 are having the problem so far. Need help?

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Ooh!  I know the answer to this one!  It's the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager.  It's being overly aggressive in monitoring signal strength of the wi-fi connection, and switching to LTE at the drop of a hat.  Just disable the Cricket Wi-Fi Manager in your wireless network settings, and that MIGHT solve your problem as it did for me, unless you're having other issues than I am...

I have been dealing with this issue for the last 4 plus months. I have had 7 phones under the warranty and Cricket as well as Lg are telling me there is no other issue on this phone that they know of. They will keep trading phones but i get less than a week before it happens again. I am so pissed that this issue could have been fixed and i would not have to have gone through this. Is there a fix for sure ??? 

I've been having this issue as well. Only been a Cricket customer for a week, and this has been super frustrating!! The other 3 lines on the account (different types of phones) have not had issues. I went in and disabled the Cricket WiFi Manager like suggested.....and so far I've been able to keep my connection for 15 mins......with no issues **knock on wood**! Thank you for your post and advice, hopefully this fixes my issue and eases my frustrations!!

No help from Cricket Wireless on this. LG-M327 phone on Cricket Wireless doesn't stay connected to any wifi. It disables after 10-15 minutes.

Mobile Networks>Mobile data-enabled over cell network. International data roaming-Off. Disable 2G-enabled. Access Point Names-set back to default

Has been doing this since I got it in June 2018. Got 2 replacement phones and still have same issue. Updated to Andoid 7.0 kernel 3.18.31 build nrd90u  in October- no change. 

Any suggestions welcome.


Yes! I got an lg phone yesterday and was having this problem. This fixed it! Thank you!
I disabled wifi manager but my phone still keeps disconnecting after 2 min
I too just bought an LG X charge brand new from a cricket location near me. 2 days after buying it i realized it was disabling my wifi and using my data at home, I tried everything to get it fixed including calling cricket and spending a hour doing everything the customer service representative suggested. After nothing worked they told me ti contact LG for a replacement. Keep in mind i only had my phone 2 days, they could have sent me back to the store that i bought it from and could have been replaced with in 7 days. But they mysteriously never made that suggestion. Anyway long story short, disable the cricket WiFi manager and now the problem is fixed! Thank to the person in this group who suggested it!
Yes, after much frustration I found that was the answer for me as well. Also logging into "xfinity" WiFi instead of my home WiFi worked wonders as well.

mine was never on and only started after auto updates.

disabled wifi manager reset network settings, replaced modem and router, made no difference. got real bad after last auto update. store people couldn't find anything wrong. my wife, daughter, son inlaw, 2 granddaughters and my son have no problems. they have different phones. this  is the only problem I have with phone. probably going to look at different carrier since I can't get help from cricket and from what I've on cricket forum no one seems to be able to get help from cricket either. patrick 

Is this only happening with LG phone using Cricket? If we take our LG phone to another provider will there be the same issue, provided they will sign us on with that phone?

Yep, same problem here.  I had my phone about three months and it started disconnecting frequently and randomly from the wifi. Unfortunately I didn't notice until I was almost out of data.  Oops.  No previous problems with Cricket, (I've been with them for about five years,) and no problems on other devices or phones.  I got a replacement phone Monday and everything was fine until this after noon.  I went looking and found this forum, so I've disabled the wifi manager and will see what happens.  So far so good, but the real test will be if it's still connected in the morning.  

It's not allowing me to click on the box to uncheck the wi-fi manager