Will Xiaomi Phones work on this network?

  • 9 June 2019
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Is the Xiaomi Note 7 phone support or compatible with Cricket wireless network bandwidth? 


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You can use any unlocked GSM phone on Cricket's network JeremielM3x.

depends on if you have the global version or not.
you can check it here:


and fyi, I use my Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (non-global version) just fine on cricket

Will it get 4g and lte speeds
So will cricket wireless work on the xiaomi mi a3?
The phone will work but may only get 4g or HAPA +. It may get LTE on band 2 ,4,or 5 it really just depends on your area. AT&T/Cricket main LTE bands at the moment is 12/17 which most of these Chinese phones lack. That doesn't mean they won't work it just means you may only get LTE in limited areas. The phone will fall back on 4G where it can't find LTE signal. If you are on one of the capped at 3mbps data plans you won't notice a difference because 4g/HSPA+ speed pretty much matches the speed you are capped at weather you are on LTE or 4G anyway.. I hope this helps. I tried not to get to technical.