ZTE Maven 3 QWERTY Keyboard

So I was looking for a setting on my ZTE Maven 3 and I turned on Developer Mode (not by accident, purposely). I couldn't find the setting I was looking for on my phone so I turned Developer Mode off. After I did that my keyboard switched from the QWERTY keyboard to the ABCDEF keyboard. It's driving me crazy, because it's taking forever for me to text on my phone. What's the easiest way for me to get my keyboard back to the QWERTY keyboard settings? Thanks!

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@TheTrackBallGuy  Hello, I tired looking up some information in our system and unfortunately since the device is a BYOD device from AT&T I don't have the user manual . I was able to search online through AT&T to see if maybe they have some help and instructions on changing the keyboard to QWERTY. I found a link that hopefully will help with the ZTE Maven 3 from AT&T.


Thanks @Grod_Cricket  I purchased this device at a Cricket store. I've been to that AT&T site several times already, it hasn't been much help. Thanks for replying so quickly. I'll see if I can  figure it out on my own. Another question, what is a BYOD Device?

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@TheTrackBallGuy Sorry about that BYOD means bring your own device. Hopefully the manual on AT&T's website will help.