Another Over Charged Customer

  • 23 August 2021
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I've been a long time cricket customer for several years.  I have referred several customers to them over the years and paid my bills on time majority of the times. And this is the Thanks I get for being such a loyal customer over the years. I joined under the grandfather plan @ $55 years ago. That plan no longer exist. I hadn't experience any major problems until I added a 2nd line for my daughter a couple years or more ago not even being aware or informed by cricket after countless times coming into the store to make a payment over making payments over the phone or online. When my daughter's line was added it was under a newer basic plan of $55 too. As advertised for 2 line the discount brings it to $80 and for a 3rd line would be $90. Well I didn't add a 3rd line until about 2 weeks ago when I found out by an honest and professional gentlemen at one of my local branches. This gentlemen asked me was there any particular ir special reason I was paying so much for 2 lines. I was puzzled after the question bcs I had never been asked that when making a ppayment. I replied "no, none" and asked, "why do you ask?" He said bcs you're being over charged and have been since the 2nd line was added without insurance. My mouth fell to the floor in disbelief. So I left the store and I eventually called 611 to inquire (today) while cancelling my 3rd line. Today I was just told that there was an discrepancy on there part that caused an error in there system when the 2nd line was added under a new plan and as a result I began being over charged an additional $18 until about 2 weeks ago when I added that 3rd line. That honest gentlemen was kind and compassionate enough to alertme and fix the issue immediately. Although the error was easily corrected that doesn't excuse the fact that I was innocently ripped off not refunded or compensated for the obvious inconvenience and high levels of stress all this has caused. So up to 2 weeks ago for 2 line I was being charged $106 as if I already gad a 3rd line. When in fact I did not. When I was supposed to be charged $80 for ONLY 2 line and $7 or $8 for insurance (total of $88/mth). Anyway the representative (customer service) was talking as though it was too bad so sad about their error and that she spoke to her supervisor who advised her to tell me that I could ONLY be offered a $10 credit on my account towards regarding this matter and that if seeking an attorney was my choice feel free to do so bcs it is my right. Cricket went on to say it's their company policy (No Refunds) on there admitted errors (discrepancies). Due to the offer being nothing more than an insult and a slap in the face I declined their off. As an experienced and loyal customer of cricket I must admit that cricket does not support their customers nor do they professionally & properly resolve their errors. Cricket is seems to be about ripping off their customers and leaving them to feel disappointed, frustrated, and extremely stressed behind their criminal behavior as a business. Let's stand up & shine some light on these kinds of companies bcs times are just way too hard to be ripped off. Especially by local businesses and non local businesses. Too many complaints and I smell a class action law suit brewing... 

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Hi @toitoymorris43 !

We’re saddened to hear about your experience. Our support team would love to look into this further for you. Feel free to reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, wireless number and name on the account.