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  • 25 May 2023
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I have bought three different tablets. Two different Samsung's LTE a tab 7 and 8, plus a Chuwi LTE. All three of these tablets were unable to be added to my account. I tried the add a tablet for 15 dollars/month and the adding on a new phone line. The clerk told me that Android tablets cannot be added, only Apple. Is this true? I will not purchase an Apple product and I cannot imagine that Cricket will not allow Samsung tablet products cannot be added. Might someone from Cricket on these forums explain to me which Android tablets I can add to my account?


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Thank you for your interest in the #CricketNation, @Ajuga! Our Simply Tablet Plan is available to both existing and new customers for only $15/month

You must have at least one Unlimited Plan on the account (one Simply Tablet Plan per Unlimited Plan) to be eligible. We recommend checking your tablet’s compatibility with our network by plugging the IMEI into our checker: For more information on our Simply Data Plan, visit the link below.