Cricket Enrolled Me in the Wrong Plan and Nullified My Promotion

  • 18 March 2020
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To whom it may concern,

I have been a Cricket Wireless customer for over two and a half years. I was enrolled in the 5 GB plan for $40/mo (with my auto-pay discount, I paid $35/mo). I was enrolled in this plan up until the end of January when I received a text message stating:

  • "Special limited time offer...Get Unlimited data for $10 more/mo. & keep your Auto Pay discount...Come into a store to get Unlimited data & 15GB of Mobile Hotspot for $45..." See photo below for screenshot of text.

I decided to take advantage of this promotion and went into the Cricket Wireless store two days later on January 29th to enroll. I showed the person behind the counter the text message and provided the requested information about my account. I verified with them that I would be only paying $45 a month for unlimited data from now on, to which she replied yes but it may take a billing cycle or two to kick in.

The following billing cycle and on February 18th, I was charged $50. $5 more than the promotion stated, but as the rep at the store noted, it may take a cycle or two to kick in so I waited again. The next cycle rolled around and I was prompted that I would again owe $50, on March 19th (tomorrow, but my credit card was charged this morning). I realized that the promotion still had not kicked in as I am being charged $50, not $45.

I called the customer service line yesterday and went on to spend almost 3 hours on the phone with numerous reps and supervisors to which I was notified that: the Cricket employee in the store enrolled me in the wrong plan. She was supposed to enroll me in the Cricket More: $60/mo plan with 15GB of Mobile Hotspot but instead, she enrolled me in the Cricket Core: $55/mo plan, (with my Auto Pay discount, it brings it down to $50).

As my plan has been altered, I am no longer eligible for the promotion, even though it was their fault that I was put in the wrong plan. The promotion is offered until 4/30/2020 and yet the customer service team was unable to resolve my issue in the slightest.

They were not only unable to enroll me in the CORRECT plan with the promotion, which I should've been signed up for in the first place. They were unable to credit back the $10 that I have overpaid and to top it off, two of the reps individually recommended that I return to the store to resolve the issue (during the middle of a virus outbreak and city-wide lockdown). 

  • Side note: I called the store that signed me up for the promotion and the representative stated that there is nothing they can do. They do not have the ability to amend plans / distribute credits, etc and that I should call the Cricket support line instead. The phone reps and supervisors told me to go into the store to resolve this issue and the store told me to call into the customer service line, which puts me at a dead end.

My requests are to A) be enrolled in the Cricket More plan, (Unlimited & 15GB Mobile Hotspot) for $45, which was the promotional pricing offered to me and B) be reimbursed/credited $10, for each of the months I paid $50 when it should have been $45. I have had no luck with the phone support lines and if anyone has any advice on how to resolve this issue, that would be much appreciated.






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Hi @imanning, welcome to the Community Forum! We're sorry to hear this happened. Please contact Cricket Support on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at for assistance. We're here to help!:smileyhappy:

 After airplane mode is turned back off and reconnects to the mobile data, the speed returns to normal. I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this but ibfifured I'd share just in case.

After airplane mode is turned back off and reconnects to the mobile data on, the speed returns to normal.