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  • 21 July 2019
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I've been a loyal HAPPY customer for years. I have the unlimited Extra plan with $10 Hotspot feature. My son uses Hotspot for his tablet and for watching YouTube or Netflix... I use my mobile while he does this to watch Hulu, Netflix, email, Internet searches, ect....We have had some slower speeds during congestion periods, but have never Not been able to use both devices. My Auto pay glitched out on me making my data suspended. Just my data...I could still call and text. When calling them to find out why, no real reason was said, plus... I had to pay $3 for paying thru customers. Service. When my data was returned....we couldn't use BOTH devices, only one.... and there are major buffering. Nothing has changed, same home, same signal bars, same shows. Acts like we are on the 3 mbp speeds. Ridiculously slow. I called customer. Service, and had really hard time understanding through their accent. She couldn't help, so gave me claim # and said technical support would call same or next day to troubleshoot speed. No one called me, 3 days now and I've tried everything... reset Network...every APN setting I could get my hands on. I noticed thru My Cricket that my $10 Hotspot add on I add no longer available on my Unlimited Extra plan. My son has second line with Unlimited plan 3mbp speed. We pay $115. When checking My Cricket account and plans, notice I can have 2 Unlimited Extra plans for $90.... I pay $115 for both lines, this includes multiline discount, auto Pay and $10 Hotspot. I'm paying more, when my son can upgrade for $90. So, now I can only use one device at a time, and major buffering during congestion even though I have not yet met my 22 gig fast speed limit. I convinced my daughter to switch and she has same problem. I'm overpaying for way lower speeds. I'm so upset, I'm about to change carriers next month. Cricket...I had unlimited Everthing, multiple devices and never an, I'm barely able to use one device and I'm paying more $ for less speeds. No longer able to use my Hotspot unless I want buffering during an entire buffered more, than I was able to watch before buffering again. I'm so disappointed...I'm giving them One more call on Monday with my tech support claim number to not only discuss these issues, but also paying $15 more a month for lesser services. What happen Cricket? Why can't you just admit that you did this on purpose to make more money off more data packages? UNLIMITED means UNLIMITED. Apparently not any more

2 replies

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@Jeanieva  Sorry to hear that you are experiencing service issues. Can you please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue and the case number that was provided. Thank you in advance!

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@Jeanieva I know that they are making some updates to their towers. I know AT&T and Cricket are affiliated and it looks like AT&T  is making updates to the towers since they are shifting to 5G. They could be doing an update in your area and causing the slow data. I know once they finish the service will be faster and better for Cricket customers. This is a plus and I can't wait!