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  • 9 June 2018
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I'm heading to UK and then to Cyprus soon and need to know if cricket offers text and wireless services at reasonable rates while there.  What are the rates for texting and phone calls in the UK and in Cyprus and where would I find that information?  Does cricket offer any text and wireless service plans for these countries that would allow me to use my US phone while there?  If not, any suggestions on how to get text and wireless services using my cricket account while in these countries that don't costs loads of $$$$$$$$$$?


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7 replies

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At this time we do not offer international roaming options in the U.K. or Europe. Our unlimited plans and grandfathered plans $50 and higher include roaming in Mexico and Canada. 

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You might consider unlocking your phone and getting a local SIM at your destination. Some SIMs offer European roaming but make sure it covers the countries you're visiting. 

Too bad they are completely unhelpful with unlocking your phone unless you’ve been with them for longer than 6 months. They wouldn’t even unlock my phone 4 days early so that I didn’t end up stranded in Brazil with no mode of communication. I must have spoken to at least 8 customer service representatives that all pretty much said “Too bad. Wait 4 days”. So much for customer service.
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Sounds like you have to understand Cricket policy. If they say you must have 6 months before the phone can be unlocked, then that is the policy. That doesn't sound like a customer service issue. 

Because of your arrogant and obnoxious comments and nonexistent roaming options is why I'LL NEVER JOIN CRICKET Wireless ever. It IS a Customer Service issue because Cricket hasn't address this issue which I'm sure has been requested. It's not CRICKET who needs to be understood it's CRICKET that needs to understand us, the consumer! Which keeps Cricket in business!

Being a complacent consumer such as yourself "riseup11" is the reason Cricket and other prepaid carriers don't step up their game. Other carriers (including prepaid) offer roaming it's about time Cricket does too.
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Cricket's overseas roaming policy is clearly stated, including its limitations. Since you want this capability, switch to a different carrier. 

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