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  • 18 December 2021
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I am curious how the hotspot plan works.   Can I use it for a few months while traveling then stop the plan for a few months while I am not traveling then turn it on again went we hit the road?   I am able to do that with the Google Fi plan.  They call it “Pausing” its paused for 90 days then automatically restarts so I have to go back an pause it again so the billing stays off. 


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2 replies

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Unfortantly once a sim card is deactivated it cannot be used again and you will have to purchase a new one when you turn it back on, I went through this stituation a couple of months ago. But yes you can, it will require a new sim card purchase.

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@BamaFanWill    Thanks for that answer.   I chatted with their sales team yesterday and the Gal said I can Suspend the account whenever I want.  After asking what that actually does more than a few times, she admitted it did NOTHING.  And that I would have to continue to pay each month or the account would be canceled. 

That answer, “that I could suspend the account at anytime” was about the “shadiest” thing I have ever heard from any company, and I had thought I had heard it all.  They did not volunteer that I had to continue paying or they cancel the account.  I had the ask about three more times how that worked and then she admitted that I had to continue paying.