Hotspot Restrictions

  • 18 November 2019
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when they say the slow you down too 128KB that is false. they slow you down to only 12.9KB I did a speed test. they slow you down too stop you from using any more hotspot. now days 128KB is nothing. you can even do basic stuff on that alone. there has too be a work around too bypass that. or else its not really unlimited at all. only on the phone its self and that's it. its pretty bad that there is so many restrictions in the usa. on cell phone and data use. other countries don't even throttle you at all and don't restrict anyone. 

5 replies

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@shixenbaugh It is a max of 128 kbps meaning it could be that or anything lower. Adding more hotspot data is actually pretty reasonable with their new plans. 

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I get a whopping 16kbps download speed when I go over.

they do that on purpose. all carriers do because they hope you will keep paying them when you want more high speed data. hint the 5.00 and 10.00 option. when you don't add or pay that you get basically no speed at all. and the no it too. they word it as 128KB so nobody sues them. its all about the money. if you keep feeding the pig they will let you use hundreds of gigs if you got the money. but if you use too much period they will shut you off completely. and they wont tell you how much you can use before they do. it says unlimited within reason. but its not unlimited nothing it in this country... I blame obummer.

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@shixenbaugh That's kind of the point of a limited plan. Plans in the past did completely shut you off or charge overages when you reached the limit. The hotspot has either 10 or 15 GB of high speed data, I'm not sure how you would interpret that to mean you still get high speed hotspot after you use that much. That's like using all of the gas in your car and getting mad at the gas station because it won't go anymore...

I pay for the hot spot and unlimited data, but I do not have one of their hot spot phones, so I get 12k.  Always,  Up until recently, my phone got the high speed data rate, but they just cut me off since I do not have one of their "approved" phones.  I complained and complained but they claim my phone does not support high speed data which is total lie.  Cricket suucks.