• 11 April 2023
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I have been a loyal, paying customer for many years. And twice now Cricket has charged me 15 more dollars for being less than a day late. Seriously! 
Last night I worked late. I was so busy. By the time I got home and unwound I realized I had to pay my bill.  So I paid it. I wake up this  morning and my phone is suspended and they won’t turn it back on till I pay the $15 reactivation fee because I was TWO hours late. On top of that, the gal I was speaking to was from another country and I told her this is what our country does to good hard-working tax paying people. They allow creditors to be  Greedy and it’s the main reason single family, one income families are suffering. This is America! We’re all your dreams can come true… NOT 


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Hi @Mzzrossi and welcome to the Community Forum. Please note that all payments are due by 11:59 pm CST on your payment due date to avoid service interruption and a Reactivation Fee. If you need some more time to make your payment, we offer a unique program here at Cricket called BridgePay. BridgePay allows you to split your Cricket bill into two separate payments. As long as you get set up within seven (7) days before or after the start of your billing cycle, you'll get 7 additional days to make the second payment. 

BridgePay can be set up in a Cricket store or by calling 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538) and following the prompts. Unfortunately, BridgePay setup is not offered online at this time.

However, you can make your second BridgePay payment online in My Account or via the myCricket app. When you sign in, you’ll see a message at the top of the page directing you to pay. If you already know how much money you owe, you can also make your second BridgePay payment using Quick Pay online.

You can also make your second payment in a Cricket store or using the voice prompts at 1-800-274-2538.


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That’s all fine and dandy, had I known I was going to be so busy and not get home till midnight! I had the payment. I missed it by 2 hours. 

the point being, the fee should have been waived when I called in. It literally caused no damage to Cricket my being late. And yet, you took money from me and my kids food budget for the week!